Team New Brunswick Tryouts for the 2019 Canadian Nationals Qualifiers.

For those of you who are trying out in the shoot off for the Canadian Nationals Qualifiers.

Due to unforeseen circumstances the location and times for the team NB playoffs have changed.

Saturday will be 9:00 registration play at 10:00. 

Sunday will be based on how many rounds remain. But likely the same times.

I want to take this opportunity to apologize for the short notice of change and only hope that everyone planning on attending can still make it. 

Regards Steve Foster

Date: Feb 16-17

Venue: Salisbury Legion Branch 31.

Address: 3317 Main Street, Salisbury, NB, Canada

Format for the Provincials because of the numbers this year will be round robin best of 3, 501. All legs won

will count. 


Good Luck All!

2018 National Results

 Dana Foster, Ladies National Singles Champion

Dana Foster
2018 Nationals Ladies Champion.
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Dana wins her National Ladies Title in a sudden death final match with a Spectacular 160 finish (T20, T20, Dbl 20)

With this win she also gets a seat to the Winmau World Masters.

Rick Fortin
3rd Place, 2018 Mens Nationals Singles
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A big Congratulations to Rick Fortin on finishing Joint 3rd at the 2018 Canadian Nationals Men's Singles Champions earning him a seat at the Winmau World Masters. 

New Brunswick Ladies Win National Doubles Championships

Dana Foster and Joanne Luke
2018 National Ladies Doubles Champions
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Congratulations to Dana Foster and Joanne Luke on winning the  2018 Ladies Doubles Championships in Drummondville Quebec.

Team Canada for America's Cup 

Drummond Open 2018

Kerry , Marie, Dana, and Daryl
Canada's America's Cup Team.
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2018 NB Provincial Team

                   Ladies:                                                                                                 Mens:

                   1st  Joanne Luke                                                                                      1st   Rick Fortin                                                             2nd Danna Foster                                                                                   2nd  Adam Stella                                                           3rd  Bonnie Pelton                                                                                  3rd  Joslain Bourque                                                     4th  Krissy Kay                                                                                         4th  Derek Hanley                                                        5th  Cathy Wilson                                                                                    5th  Rick Kirkpatrick                                                     6th  Lisa Rodgers                                                                                    6th  Terry Fougere                                                         7th  Kayla Thompson                                                                             7th  Colin Butler                                                           8th  Mylene Vautour                                                                              8th  Scott Tracy                                                             Alt  9th  Marie Doyle                                                                              Alt   9th   John Carter

Ladies Team
Men's Team
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Ladies Singles Champion
Joanne Luke
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Men's Singles Champion
Rick Fortin
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Singles Champs with NB Directory
Joanne Luke , Steve Foster and Rick Fortin
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Projected team line ups for the 2018 Nationals.

Ladies Doubles

Joanne Luke - Dana Foster

Bonnie Pelton - Lisa Rodgers

Cathy Wilson - Krissy Kay

Mylene Vautour - Kayla Thompson

Mens Doubles

Rick Fortin - Danny Venoit

Joslain Bourque - John Carter

Rick Kirkpatrick - Collin Butler

Scott Tracy - Terry Fougere

Mixed Doubles

Bonnie Pelton - Rick Fortin

Danna Foster - Danny Venoit

Joanne Luke - John Carter

Krissy Kay - Rick Kirkpatrick

Cathy Wilson - Terry Fougere

Lisa Rodgers - Collin Butler

Kayla Thompson - Scott Tracy

Mylene Vautour - Joslain Bourque

2018 NB Provincial Team Tryouts



February  9th,10th, and 11th at the Branch 69 Legion.

Play Starts:


Friday evening:  7:30 pm Registration will open at 6:30 pm.

Saturday start: time 10:00 am register 9:00-9:30 am

Sunday time:  10:00 am register 9:00-9:30 am



Nationals 2018 Round Robin into Double elimination.

Round robin play.

Based on how many players register we will split into round robin groups of between 4-6 players per group.


Each game within the group will be 3 legs  all legs will be played.


Players will earn 1 point per leg won.


The 8 players who made Team NB last year regardless of their placing in the Round Robin will be seeded into the Double elimination bracket.


Regardless of your placing in the round robin all players will be put into the double elimination draw.

Once the 8 seeded players have been placed in their brackets the others will be added based on their points totals from the round robin. Obviously the lower the points the harder your first round opponent will be.

Basically if you place last in the round robin you will be facing the number 1 seed in the first round of the double elimination.

For the double elimination Bracket each game will be best of 3 and again each leg you win will count for a point. If you win your match you will get an additional 2 points.If you lose you just get the points for Legs won.


Your total points over the three days will be added up and the top 8 will be the players representing NB in Quebec 2018.


I have attached a 48 team double elimination bracket so that you can see how it works just in case you have not been involved in one before.

Because of the low numbers for provincials try outs in some districts we have decided to open it up to anyone at the cost of $150.


$100 for tickets and the $50 cost for playing the shoots.

2017 Team NB

Congratulations to 2017 Team New Brunswick for an excellent showing at the 2017 nationals.

Men-Nodor cup silver medalists .

Women-Nodor cup Bronze medalists.

                   Mens:                                                                                                         Ladies:

                   1st   Jeff Smith                                                                                            1st   Joanne Luke                                                       2nd Rick Fortin                                                                                           2nd  Bonnie Pelton-Sabodash                                 3rd  Derek Hanley                                                                                      3rd  Barbara MacCallum                                           4th  Adam Stella                                                                                         4th  Kayla Thompson                                               5th  Terry Fougere                                                                                      5th  Danna Foster                                                     6th  Joslain Bourque                                                                                  6th  Marie Doyle                                                         7th  Scott Tracy                                                                                           7th  Melanie Darveau                                               8th  Richard Comeau                                                                                 8th  Cathy Wilson                                                     Alt   9th  Noah Savard                                                                                Alt    9th   Crystal Fougere


New Brunswick's Own Goes To PDC World Championships.

New Brunswick's own Jeff Smith is heading to England to play in the William's Hill PDC World Championships .

Jeff's first match and hopefully many more will take place Dec 16 at 3:30 am Atlantic time against Luke Humphries. The winner will play Gary Anderson later on in that  session .

Best Wishes to Jeff !!

Visit Jeff's websites :



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